CSR activities

Bosch could not have chosen a better decade to set up shop in the Philippines. The period after World War I – the so-called “Roaring 20s” – can be characterized by one online source as a “distinctive cultural edge for a period of sustained economic prosperity”. The Roaring 20s was a representation of everything that was dynamic – arts, culture, business.

Similarly here in the Philippines, we found ourselves amidst an economic boom – export trading, manufacturing, and power generation were among the industries that grew rapidly and steadily from that period on.

Our history in the Philippines dates back to 1926 when Behn Meyer & Co. – a Hamburg-founded/Singapore-based company – began distributing Bosch products, allowing them to evolve from trading and shipping to supplying for a wide variety of industries across Southeast Asia. Here in Manila, that industry was the automotive industry.

We strived to do well. We made sure business was profitable; that growth was steady; that work environments in our various localities were healthy, and the list goes on. It is no different over 80 years later. Here at Bosch Philippines, we do not only believe in doing well, we believe in doing good.

The Do-Good Mentality

Although smaller than some of its Asian counterparts, Robert Bosch Philippines continues on the road of “doing good” and “giving back” through projects that inspire and move our associates to action.

Bosch Class of 2010

One such project that we are proud of is the Class of 2010 – a program initially designed to support the high school education of close to 100 scholars from within Metro Manila. In 2006 when these scholars embarked on a unique journey to higher education at Siena College, Taytay, they had a 4-year dream – to finish high school, period.

In 2010 when that dream of finishing high school was realized, we asked ourselves the burning question – “Now what?” What can we do bigger, better? We wanted them to keep dreaming.

Now entering their third year of college in schools/universities of their choice, our scholars are proving every day what a wise decision we’ve made to invest in their future.

Giving back to Mother Nature

In 2011, Bosch was approached by a group of social entrepreneurs, collectively known as MyShelter Foundation. Their founder, Illac Diaz, says that “the foundation was established to create a system of sustainability and reliability through its capa¬bility-building and employment-generating projects”.

True to form and loyal to their commitment to sustainability, MyShelter Foundation launched A Liter of Light or in the vernacular – Isang Litrong Liwanag. Two words that probably do not “sync” – grassroots and innovative. But Bosch realized the innovativeness of this initiative in all its “grassroots-ness”, and decided it will be part of what is now the biggest grassroots green-lighting initiative in the world. Bosch is one of four (4) major partners of MyShelter Foundation, and we continue to commit ourselves to this endeavor not only by donating tools that are used to install the bottle bulbs, but by volunteering our time to literally bring light to under-privileged communities in Metro Manila.

Does it stop there?

Bosch Philippines Managing Director Joseph Hong sums it up succinctly: “This is only the beginning. We are as innovative as we are conscious of our responsibilities to the Filipino society, and those responsibilities become bigger as we do better. We will continue on this road of doing good, and hopefully inspire more people to do the same”.