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Bosch in the Philippines
A sanctuary for frontline healthcare workers

Project Well-being Haven

Project Well-being Haven

Peaceful corner in a busy hospital is nearly impossible find, making it difficult for healthcare workers to rest and recover between their shifts. To thank doctors and nurses for their work during the pandemic and help them care for their patients better, Bosch created a quiet oasis for them - a “Well-being Haven.”

Under pressure

Under pressure

Covid-19 put a strain on healthcare institutions and resources all over the world and magnified the already immense pressure on hospital workers. Every day, medical personnel face a stream of patients in critical need of treatment, concerned family members, and long hours as they work hard to take care of everyone who comes through their door. With the increase of overtime and overnight shifts, workers report more stress and fatigue which negatively impact their well-being, concentration, and memory – and may become a threat to the health and safety of health workers and patients.


of Malaysian healthcare workers confirm an increase of overtime and overnight shifts.

Malaysia healthcare worker

Rest well - to serve the patients better

Empathizing with the overworked frontliners and in the spirit of “invented for life,” Bosch decided to do something to improve healthcare workers’ physical and mental well-being. After all, well-rested health workers are more focused and can provide patients with better and more thorough care. In collaboration with Sunway Medical Velocity in Kuala Lumpur, Bosch transformed an existing lounge into a space that feels welcoming, calming, and is conducive to rest and recuperation. A corner dedicated to quiet work improves concentration, while an ergonomic kitchenette and a break area allow doctors and nurses to catch their breath in between their shifts.

Home away from home

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The transformed lounge is equipped with a range of Bosch household appliances, bringing a homely look and feel to the space. Comfort and esthetics don’t mean a compromise in terms of efficiency – the appliances are intuitive and easy to use, saving the hospital workers time and effort.

Music to the soul

The right ambience sound can completely transform the mood of a place. Electro-Voice’s Evolve portable speakers can fill the lounge with soft music – played straight from personal phones connected via Bluetooth.

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Ultimate sound experience

Guaranteed satisfaction

Wide and even coverage with best-in-class performance across every detail certified by multiple international awards.

Professional performance, column convenience

Sleek design with superior sound quality, power and reliability that is perfect for any settings.

Easy integration

Comprehensive and user-friendly column system featuring fully configurable eight-channel digital mixer with pro-grade preamps and studio-quality effects. No additional gears required.

Wireless control

Use the Electro-Voice QuickSmart Mobile app to adjust all audio, effects and mix functions via your phone or tablet.

Right tools for the right job

Bosch Professional 18V Cordless Power Tools

Bosch Professional 18V Cordless Power Tools

Power tools are essential in upgrading a space, ensuring that everything runs smoothly throughout the renovation process - Bosch power tools simplify professional users' work and help them in maintaining their health from long-term hazardous substances.

Compactness, efficient and powerful

Compactness, efficient and powerful

This set of tools simplifies any job for everyday use without the cord limitation. It has a long battery life with a compatible battery system that fits all the tools!

Best solutions in building concrete structures

Best solutions in building concrete structures

This product line is also ideal for installing, maintaining, and repairing residential electrical systems; it includes tools for metal and wood drilling, carpentry woodworking and installing ductwork as well as mechanical equipment in commercial and residential buildings.

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