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Virtual Chef

Empowering small culinary businesses to bounce back from crisis

Virtual Chef contenstant plating a gourmet dish.

Good food lifts the spirit even in the most challenging times, and it is often the thing that strengthens the bonds between families and communities. However, in this pandemic, more than 40 percent of small culinary business owners experience a decline in turnover. Bosch wants to help these businesses and bring joy back through delicious meals. We selected five chefs to share their stories, learn from the best, and compete in a unique virtual cooking show.

What's cooking?


The impact of Covid-19 on small eateries was devastating to owners and workers alike. Restaurateurs were forced to pivot to online service and door-to-door deliveries, while many employees faced furloughs and disruption. Bosch decided to bring attention to the struggles of small culinary businesses and provide them with resources, platform, and inspiration to bounce back from the crisis. Virtual Chef is a program designed to equip small culinary business owners with the skills they need to recover from the pandemic and once again bring fragrant dishes to tables all around Jakarta.

> 40%

More than 40% of small culinary business owners experienced a decline in turnover

What makes a great chef?

makes a great chef

A great chef must not only have a great palate but also stay cool under pressure. Our Virtual Chef finalists could learn all of that during Chef Expert Class with Chef Degan Septoadji. He is best known from his appearances in Masterchef Indonesia and 30 years of experience from renowned restaurants around the world. However, culinary techniques were not the only thing our contestants had to master – over the course of three weeks they participated in professional classes with Krealogi by Duanyam in supply chain management, business planning, and digital literacy. All those skills were tested by our judges, who gave the participants various challenges such as planning and preparation of hundreds of healthy and affordable meals that were delivered to healthcare workers in Jakarta.

Join us at our table

Virtual Chef finalists had won the hearts of the judges and thousands of people in the audience, who joined for our great live stream finale on 9 October 2021. The finalists also shared titbits of what were they most thankful for when joining the competition.

Firing up the passion in the kitchen

Firing up the passion in the kitchen

Great chefs need excellent tools. With Bosch sensor-controlled Series 8 oven, cooking and baking are easy with PerfectBake and PerfectRoast features. The Assist function can automatically set the right heating mode temperature and cooking time for your favorite dishes at your fingertip. With such professional helpers, increase your efficiency in the kitchen, helping you create perfect dishes that delight your family. You can be a great chef even at home.

A better job with the hob

A better job with the hob

Boiling it down to the basics - a good quality hob ensures good quality cooking. A FlameSelect Gas Cooktop allows you to cook up a storm by controlling nine levels of fire at your fingertips - while providing perfect
and consistent results, serve world-class meals to guests right from your own kitchen.

Good mood in your hood

Good mood in your hood

A fuss free and odors free kitchen puts you in good mood to prepare good food! Thanks to the powerful cooker hoods with EcoSilence Drive, you can now cook in peace. The special brushless motor provides quiet yet effective ventilation. This means that you can enjoy the ASMR sounds of your cooking or even listen to music uninterrupted!

Food delivery of the future – in style and electrified

Dishes prepared by Virtual Chef contestants were delivered to the recipients on scooters powered by Bosch electric drives.

food delivery

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