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Bosch in the Philippines

Electric powertrain solution for two-wheeler

Efficient, dynamic, flexible urban electromobility

Solutions for all performance classes from 0.8 – 3 kW: With its drives and drive control units for light electric vehicles, Bosch creates the technical basis for a safe and efficient riding experience. Bundled as a drive system, the optimally coordinated interaction of both components ensures precise motor management, reliable vehicle performance, and impressive torque development. The components can be easily integrated in different vehicle configurations and offer a cost-attractive electric drive solution.

Modular concept

from single components to perfectly harmonized and validated drive systems.

Scalable solutions

for electric two-wheeler from 0.8 – 3kW

Additional features

and functions for riders to make riding more efficient and more fun

electric scooter 1

Value-added functions

Dynamic functions provided by the drive control unit to make riding safer, more efficient, comfortable and fun.

Couple riding electric scooters in a city.
Individual urban mobility | Electric two-wheelers make everyday trips through the city and daily commutes to work both efficient and fun.
Woman riding at the back of a scooter with a professional driver.
Ride hailing | Private shuttle services to your desired location on flexible, silent, and fast electric scooters.
Male delivery driver closing a scooter mounted box.
Last mile delivery | Electric scooters enable efficient and fast transportation of goods through dense city traffic and less urban noise pollution
Woman unlocking a shared electric scooter with a mobile app.
Vehicle sharing | Electric scooter-sharing is a conveninent mode of mobility in urban areas that enables riders to navigate quickly through cities.

Benefits of the drive system

For manufacturers

For manufacturers

  • Additional features by harmonized drive and drive control unit
  • Easy integration in various vehicle architectures
  • Fast time to market with validated drive systems
For riders

For riders

  • Impressive performance with continuously high power output even under challenging conditions
  • High safety and quality standards for a safe and reliable riding experience
  • Improved range thanks to smart energy recuperation

Bosch - your partner for electric powertrain system

Global presence | As a global company, Bosch actively supports its customers on locations all over the world, thus providing an ideal foundation for close and flexible cooperation. With experts for the electrification of light electric vehicles located in China, Europe, India and Southeast Asia, Bosch understands each region’s requirements and is able to meet the specific needs with special technologies.

Systems expertise | Bosch has comprehensive expertise in electrified powertrain systems. As a systems supplier, Bosch not only has a precise knowledge of the technical requirements placed on the various components but also has a deep understanding of the technical interrelationships and dependencies within the system as a whole. This know-how and wealth of experience means Bosch is ideally equipped to offer optimized components and well-balanced powertrain systems for light electric vehicles.

Reliable partnership | As a partner, Bosch supports vehicle manufacturers’ activities right from the early stages of vehicle design all the way through to volume production. Thanks to the innovative system approach, the perfectly matched components can also be optimally integrated with existing energy management systems. Bosch’s portfolio includes customer-specific solutions as well as standard components. In close cooperation with manufacturers, Bosch is defining the product and system generations of the future.

Comprehensive portfolio | When working together with vehicle manufacturers, Bosch not only offers its broad portfolio of components and well-balanced system solutions but also makes available its extensive experience and wide-ranging expertise in all aspects of automotive technology. The modular electric powertrain system for light electric vehicles can be expanded with additional components from the areas of vehicle connectivity and vehicle safety.

A guarantee for quality and reliability | With its portfolio of state-of-the-art components, Bosch plays a decisive role in establishing high-quality vehicles with electric powertrains on the market. Bosch components are known for their high reliability and long service life. The system approach means that even more performance can be leveraged from the individual components through their deployment in an optimized, well-balanced powertrain system.

Innovation strength and technology leadership | Bosch’s strong commitment to research and development helps to bring the latest technologies to the vehicle. As an innovation driver in the motorcycle and powersports segment, Bosch develops electric powertrain solutions that are precisely tailored to the requirements of manufacturers of light electric vehicles.

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